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Stole This Schaumburg Property: 160 Sierra Pass Drive

The week is not yet over and another holiday gift was snatched by a real estate investor.  Yes, another 'missed opportunities' avoided.  Real estate investors competed yesterday to pick up 160 Sierra Pass Drive, Schaumburg, Illinois 60194.  The attached house was foreclosed on by the lender due to nonpayment of the mortgage and sold at the County Foreclosure Auction.  Zillow says that the property is worth $205,000.

Granted, the property was inspected, nor was any information known about the attached house, but the fact that the real estate investor snatched this holiday gift for nearly 50% less than Zillow's estimate seems enticing.


So, again this week, it seems to be the case that Black Friday wasn't just a one time occurence in the real estate foreclosure auctions.


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