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Hey Chicago Cubs Fans: MissFortune May Bring Opportunity

Wrigleyville RooftopChicago Cubs / Wrigleyville rooftop / Lakeview Baseball club

Possibly the owners of 3633 N. Sheffield, Chicago, Illinois 60657, which was going to foreclosure auction / sheriff sale last week, have taken the right step to secure a buyer for their distressed asset. 

Here's the update: the sale foreclosure auction sale was listed as cancelled/rescheduled which means that maybe, just maybe, another buying opportunity could arise in the near future.  What happened was the owners of the real estate filed a last minute bankruptcy to halt the foreclosure sale in an attempt to buy time.  While only the course of time and legal action will determine if this was the right strategy, generally, it only delays the inevitable.  So Maybe Miss Fortune will shine up upon them or maybe it will shine upon your, a future prevailing owner.

So, hold on Cubs Fans, there maybe yet another day to bid on a wrigleyville property.



Michael Hobbs August 31, 2011

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