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Is The Real Estate Market Slowing Down Or Dying?

Based on recent research reports from Zillow, Trulia, Case-Schiller and others,  it seems that there is a multitude of information and not much of it is good about the real estate industry.

Much like the growing pains that a teenager experiences through those formative years, the real estate market is also experiencing growing pains.
Currently there is still a high level of foreclosure activity in most markets and the quantity of spring buyers is not large enough to overcome growing ranks of strategic defaults.

At the present levels, it is the forecasted that 2013 or 2014 might be the beginning of a rebound.

No matter when the market rebounds, there are consistent margins for investors that invest in distressed properties then rehab those properties and sell them to interested buyers at very appealing prices.

Ultimately, an extended period of time needed for the real estate markets to return to a more normal level of average listing times and marketing times provides an extended opportunity for investors to acquire real estate and generate profits.

Therefore, it seems that informed, focused and well-funded investors may have a longer yellow-brick road for real estate investments than previously expected.

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